Pathways to Health–An Integral Guidebook presents a more comprehensive conceptual framework from which to view health and provides readers with tools and techniques to achieve a state of greater wellness. Dr. Acquista takes self-help to a whole new level using an easy to follow approach that goes beyond traditional and integrative methods.

The intent of this guidebook is to lead readers to a new understanding of illness and wellness and to explore options which will improve their health. From this vantage point, readers complete an individualized map of their health and an action plan to achieve their personal goals for improved health and well-being. Pathways to Health–An Integral Guidebook offers readers the potential for genuine insight into their own health and the opportunity for profound healing in a truly holistic way. The Map Your Health Mission Designer, which is included in the book, provides a self- designed unique overview of health and clear steps to follow in order to travel to place of better health.

Start your journey today to be all that you are. 

Reader Reviews

“Pathways to Health is an excellent read, and has been very helpful to me. Dr. Acquista has a gentle, yet thorough approach to helping people, as he takes into consideration the whole person, mind and body and spirit. I particularly love the way he addresses the things that can drag a person down,and the effect they can have on our health, and he leads the reader to reconsider the reasons and the causes for these things, gently unveiling the path to recovery and wellness.”

“A wonderful book! A must-read for everyone interested in health and healthy living/lifestyles! It is a thoughtful book written by Dr. Acquista in a clear, understandable and step-by-step fashion. There are questions and exercises to help us self evaluate where we are on our pathway to health given the interplay between the mind, the body, the spirit and the environment. I loved it!”