An Egg…

What a marvel is an egg! Such a smooth shell, an interesting shape, elegant in design, it appears so whole and complete. But within lies the true marvel and mystery of an egg. Within lies the potential of a fully developed chicken–nothing simple or elegant in that!

Through that process of development, what starts as a yolk and some egg white magically and mystically transforms into a chick. Sure, there is a genetic code and underlying biology, but far beyond the science is the expression of divinity.

Think of the moments surrounding birth (well, actually hatching). What is in the mind of that fully developed chick inside the egg-womb?  Is it dark inside the shell that surrounds it, confines it, restrains it? Does the chick wonder what lies beyond? No, it does what it must. The chick pokes at the very structure of its incubation, not with some gentle tentative prodding, but with a forcefulness and purpose that says I choose life! I choose to leave the safe confines of the world as I know it and venture forth into a world I do not know.

What challenges and uncertainties come with that first thrust forward of its tiny beak? The shell cracks, light enters, the world changes, and out pops the little head. And then follows the struggle to shed the shell that restrains it, to gasp air for the first time and to break free. A little wobbly at first on untested legs the chick has emerged and soon will spread her wings…

This is life–growth, transformation, emergence.

What a marvel is an egg!